Your Hosts

Steve Burns has been a Disney fan for over two thirds of his life, and he was a three-time Disney Store National Trivia Showdown finalist. He runs the website, which includes a blog, a photo gallery, and a discussion board about the Disney Railroads.

In addition to all of that, he is also an electrical engineer, but even more importantly, he is a husband to Laura and a father to Jaylin. Steve and his family, which also includes two horses and a cat, live in Williston, Tennessee.

A lifelong Disney fan, Matt realized his dream of becoming “part of the magic” by working as a cast member at the Disney Store for 7 years, where he also met his wife, Kathy. He is a two-time Disney Store National Trivia Showdown finalist and has shared his knowledge and photographs on the subject in a number of print publications and websites, including, which he runs.

Matt currently serves as the writing director at a technology-focused public relations firm. In his free time, Matt enjoys photography, walking and frequent trips to Disneyland. He lives in Burbank, California with his wife and daughter, Chelsea.