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Beyond the Berm is back with Episode 79!

Since last we left our intrepid podcasters, Steve and his extended family (and some friends, too) have been on a cruise on the Disney Dream. How did this compare to the previous cruises? Did they have a good time? Did they survive the rain? And did they enjoy an extra day at Castaway Cay? Listen in to find out!

Disney Cruise LineAlso, the summer movie season is upon us. Listen in as we discuss what we have seen and what we have not yet seen of the current crop of summer movies. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Cars 3, Wonder Woman (in keeping with the “and more” part of our title), Spider-Man: Homecoming, and even the live action Beauty and the Beast, which technically was a spring movie. What have we liked? What have we not liked? What have we not seen yet? Check out our opinions.

All that and more in the latest episode of Beyond the Berm!

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Summer Fun

Beyond the Berm Episode 78: Summer FunBeyond the Berm returns with the latest episode of our podcast about Disney and more!

For this episode, we look at some of the many opportunities for summer fun that are out there. For example, you may have heard something about a Pandora addition at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, or maybe a Tower of Terror retheme to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout at Disney’s California Adventure. If you haven’t heard about those yet, then you most likely will as the Disney promotional machine ramps up in the next few weeks. Are these the sort of thing that cause you to want to make another visit to the Disney parks, or do you just plan to see them on your next visit, whenever it may be?

Also, there are several big movies coming out this summer: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Cars 3, just to name a few. Are you getting excited for what looks to be a busy summer movie season? And then there are Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming later in the year, too. Almost too many interesting movies to keep up with!

We also discuss our upcoming summer plans, as Steve talks about interrupting his relaxing summer with a 4-night Disney cruise with his extended family. What might be new or different this time around? Stay tuned to find out.

Plus, some updates from Matt about the latest runDisney happenings, that Spider-Man movie that we forgot to mention earlier, and some other things to keep things interesting!

Be sure to listen in to the latest from Beyond the Berm!

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Disney Snobs?



Welcome back for another exciting, nail-biting episode of Beyond the Berm!

To start right out of the gate, Matt asks a probing question: Are we Disney snobs? Do we do things just because of the Disney name? Do we avoid other, perhaps similar things just because they do not have the Disney name? Or the name of a Disney subsidiary, for example, Marvel?

Would we choose a Disney cruise over a non-Disney cruise just because the one cruise is a Disney cruise? While Matt is weighing the possibilities of future travels, Steve chimes in with a bit of his experience on a Carnival (i.e. non-Disney) cruise last year. Did that break him of any previous Disney snobbery that he might have had?

And how about movies? Do we go to Disney animated movies just because they are Disney movies? Do we avoid other movies, such as Dreamworks or Illumination, just because they aren’t Disney movies? Or have we learned from experience that the name means more than just the name?

Or how about Marvel movies versus other superhero movies? Past experience has often taught us a lesson, but is that always true? Will the new Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man movie be better than the last 5 Spider-Man movies? Is it actually a “Disney” movie, since it is mainly produced by Marvel Studios but still distributed by Sony?

Moving along to theme parks, are some of the other parks actually inferior to Disney parks? Are the Disney rides and attractions actually better-made than those from the other guys?

Are there too many question marks in the above paragraphs? Yes there are! But we do have a lot of questions, don’t we? So won’t you listen in and see if you agree with us?

Don’t question your decision to listen in to the latest episode of Beyond the Berm!

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Episode 38: Vacations in Review

At long last, Beyond the Berm has returned!

Since our last episode, the entire Beyond the Berm crew has been on vacations, and now everyone is back at home. So this time around, we talk about our recent vacation experiences.

First up, Matt tells about his week spent at Walt Disney World. He and his large family group went to all of the parks, Downtown Disney, Typhoon Lagoon, and more!

Steve then contrasts that with his family’s visit to the Central Florida area. Although they were right by Walt Disney World, they didn’t go to any of the main theme parks. They did attempt to visit Typhoon Lagoon, but that visit was cut short due to rain. However, they did enjoy a visit to the Circle B Bar Reserve, where they saw lots and lots of alligators!

After that, Matt tells about the Disney Cruise that immediately followed his week at Walt Disney World. The family took a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise, and Matt tells about stopping at several of the ports, riding the Aqua Duck, and enjoying some relaxing times on the ship. He gives his review of Castaway Cay, the private Bahamas Island, too.

Join us as we relive the fun of our recent vacations at Beyond the Berm Episode 38!

Just a note: This episode was originally supposed to be released last Friday, but technical difficulties and another (short) vacation prevented that. Oh well. You finally get to hear it now!

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Episode 30: Broadway Shows, Books, and Plans

Hang on to your electronic devices, because the Beyond the Berm podcast is back! And we have made it all the way to episode 30, too. Makes you wonder what we have been talking about all this time, doesn’t it?

Well for starters this time around, Matt fills us in on all the latest happenings with the Disney theatrical shows, including what is touring, what is coming soon, and what is rumored. Always neat to have a big Broadway-style Disney musical to come to your town!

Next, Steve tells us about the book that he just finished reading, Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life. Did he enjoy it? Listen to find out. And for full disclosure, the book was a Christmas present – no promotional consideration was paid for this review. As if you needed to know that.

After that, we talk about plans for the summer and beyond. Matt has some ambitious plans for a family trip to Walt Disney World and a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, followed by more RunDisney events for his whole family. And Steve may go to Florida and spend the rest of the time being a couch potato. To each his own.

Come join the fun for Beyond the Berm Episode 30!

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Episode 19: Disney Cruise Line

Welcome back to another fun-filled episode of Beyond the Berm! And we are all the way up to Episode 19. Where does the time go?

For starters, Matt talked about Chelsea’s piano recital, which included some Disney songs. And he also talked about the newest Circle Sessions album, featuring music from the Carthay Circle theater at Disney California Adventure.

Up next, Steve mentioned his recent Disney cruise on the Disney Dream, and there was quite a bit of Disney cruise discussion. Both of us have been on Disney cruises, and we have both enjoyed them greatly. The discussion here includes tips, memories, show reviews, food reviews, and more.

To see photos from Steve’s recent cruise, be sure to check the Disney Cruise 2013 section of The Adventures of Steve at Burnsland.com.

Be sure to hear all the fun in Episode 19!

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Disney Cruise Line

Both Steve and I talked about our various trips aboard the Disney Cruise Line.  Two years ago, the Disney Wonder took me and my family from Vancouver, Canada up to Alaska.  It truly was a terrific trip.  Now, we are looking to book a future trip on the Disney Cruise Line to the Caribbean.

Below are just a few photos from our adventure.  As always, click each image to see it full size.  And check back from time to time … there’s a good chance that I might add some pictures to further showcase all there is to do on a Disney Cruise.

WonderVancouverThe Disney Wonder as it pulls into Vancouver from a trip to Alaska.  The itinerary will change from sailing season to sailing season but ours included a voyage into the Tracy Arm fjord, with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska.

WonderAboveThe Disney Wonder as seen from the top of the Mt. Roberts tramway in Juneau, Alaska.  Though the ship is fairly massive, it looks tiny from so far above.  The two newest ships, the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, are much larger than the Wonder and sister ship Disney Magic.

CircleofLifeI mentioned in the same episode about seeing a number of Disney productions and there are actually several Broadway-caliber performances offered during each cruise.  This is a scene from the “Circle of Life” scene of Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic.

AlaskanMinnieAnd finally — for now — there are lots of chances to visit with Disney characters throughout the cruise.  This image is of Minnie Mouse in her specially designed outfit for touring the Alaskan wilderness.  We spent a great deal of our cruise seeing the various characters — the Fab 5, Princesses, Captain Jack Sparrow — and collecting their autographs.  Chelsea filled a number of photo albums with the number of visits we were able to do.

The 8 days we spent cruising went by probably faster than any week I’ve ever experienced.  There is so much to do aboard the ship and for excursions at each port of call, the toughest part is making sure to find time to sit and relax for a bit.  If you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of a trip on the Disney Cruise Line, I highly recommend it!

– Matt