RunDisney Changes and Disneyland Construction

Hello again from all of us at Beyond the Berm to all of you! Settle in and listen to Episode 83.



To start us off, Matt talks about the recent announcement of a hiatus for RunDisney events at Disneyland. The official stated reason is due to all of the construction going on at the resort, but is there more to it? We don’t actually know, but that doesn’t keep us from speculating. Regular listeners know of Matt’s involvement in past RunDisney events, and this is a big deal to all of those who have participated in the past.

We then talk about the previously mentioned construction at Disneyland, including a new 4-star hotel and several parking structures. While the end result will no doubt be good, there may be some interesting times ahead while construction is underway.

Next, we follow up a question from the last episode by asking the question, “Which of the now-closed attractions that you never got to see do you wish you had seen?” We have several answers from all of the parks, although our answers vary based on which parks each of us has visited. Listen in and see if you agree with our choices.

All of that and more in the latest from Beyond the Berm!

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Episode 16: Animal Kingdom, Mystic Manor, Playhouse Disney, and more

Beyond the Berm is back (and alliterative) with Episode 16!

We start things off with a quick quiz related to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Oops, I just gave away the answer to the first question. Anyway, in honor of the park’s 15th anniversary, we take a few minutes to discuss some different aspects of it.

Next, we tackle Mystic Manor, the newest attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and several other attractions, and yet it is completely different. Here is a video from YouTube so that you will know what we are talking about:

We also discussed the super size projection of Mike Wazowski from Monsters University onto Spaceship Earth, which turned out to be for the Monstrous Summer media announcement, which was taking place at the same time as our podcast recording. I guess we weren’t invited to the big party. Here is a video of the announcement, also at YouTube:

And for more musings, Matt talked about visiting the latest incarnation of the Playhouse Disney show at Disney California Adventure, and we talked about some of the safety issues that are being worked out at the Disneyland Resort, too.

Okay, so maybe alliteration isn’t always our strong point. But hey, it helped to tie everything together. Be sure and join us for Beyond the Berm Episode 16!

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