Disney, Netflix, and More Charges

Welcome back to Beyond the Berm and Episode 81!


To start things off, Matt talks about his recent visit to Disneyland, considering how although it seems like summer is almost over with schools starting back, new things are still opening at Disneyland. Is there an off-season any more? Was there a reason that some new things opened right in the middle of summer? Interesting.

Next, we talk about the recent announcement about Disney parting ways with Netflix to start their own streaming service in a couple of years. Is this the way of the future? Are cable and satellite television dying out? Will the original DuckTales series be on the new streaming service? Is this something that we would pay for?

That leads into a discussion about other extra charges. Matt talks about the new pay structure for parking at Downtown Disney at Disneyland, and we discuss changes such as paying for Park Hopper tickets versus not having to pay for that privilege in the old days, the rising cost of after-hours events, and more. All of these charges are starting to add up, although those who have not been before might not realize the difference. Are these starting to price us out of Disney? Or are we just turning into grumpy old men? Or both?

Listen in as we answer these and other important questions in the latest episode of Beyond the Berm!

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