Disney Snobs?



Welcome back for another exciting, nail-biting episode of Beyond the Berm!

To start right out of the gate, Matt asks a probing question: Are we Disney snobs? Do we do things just because of the Disney name? Do we avoid other, perhaps similar things just because they do not have the Disney name? Or the name of a Disney subsidiary, for example, Marvel?

Would we choose a Disney cruise over a non-Disney cruise just because the one cruise is a Disney cruise? While Matt is weighing the possibilities of future travels, Steve chimes in with a bit of his experience on a Carnival (i.e. non-Disney) cruise last year. Did that break him of any previous Disney snobbery that he might have had?

And how about movies? Do we go to Disney animated movies just because they are Disney movies? Do we avoid other movies, such as Dreamworks or Illumination, just because they aren’t Disney movies? Or have we learned from experience that the name means more than just the name?

Or how about Marvel movies versus other superhero movies? Past experience has often taught us a lesson, but is that always true? Will the new Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man movie be better than the last 5 Spider-Man movies? Is it actually a “Disney” movie, since it is mainly produced by Marvel Studios but still distributed by Sony?

Moving along to theme parks, are some of the other parks actually inferior to Disney parks? Are the Disney rides and attractions actually better-made than those from the other guys?

Are there too many question marks in the above paragraphs? Yes there are! But we do have a lot of questions, don’t we? So won’t you listen in and see if you agree with us?

Don’t question your decision to listen in to the latest episode of Beyond the Berm!

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Episode 14 – Reviews, Restrooms, Rising Stages

Beyond the Berm returns once again with Episode 14. Yes, it is safe to come back, just in case you skipped the last episode over the fear of the number 13.

We cover lots of ground in this episode, discussing a wide range of topics. We have some movie reviews, including Oz the Great and Powerful, The Croods, and even Brother Bear 2. Yes, they did make a sequel to Brother Bear, just in case you forgot.

Easter is coming up soon, and we discuss the Easter Parades at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and then we talk about some of our own Easter traditions, too.

And then, we move on to talk about the new Tangled restrooms at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, as well as the new Fantasy Faire area at Disneyland, before switching to a discussion of the rising stages found at the Disney parks. Really.

Yes, all of that and more can be found in Episode 14!

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