Episode 30: Broadway Shows, Books, and Plans

Hang on to your electronic devices, because the Beyond the Berm podcast is back! And we have made it all the way to episode 30, too. Makes you wonder what we have been talking about all this time, doesn’t it?

Well for starters this time around, Matt fills us in on all the latest happenings with the Disney theatrical shows, including what is touring, what is coming soon, and what is rumored. Always neat to have a big Broadway-style Disney musical to come to your town!

Next, Steve tells us about the book that he just finished reading, Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life. Did he enjoy it? Listen to find out. And for full disclosure, the book was a Christmas present – no promotional consideration was paid for this review. As if you needed to know that.

After that, we talk about plans for the summer and beyond. Matt has some ambitious plans for a family trip to Walt Disney World and a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, followed by more RunDisney events for his whole family. And Steve may go to Florida and spend the rest of the time being a couch potato. To each his own.

Come join the fun for Beyond the Berm Episode 30!

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