Thor: The Dark World – A Review

In Episode 27, I mentioned that my family was planning to go see Thor: The Dark World on its opening day, which we did. So I thought that instead of waiting until our next episode, I would go ahead and present my review here. Just in case you were thinking about going to see the movie this weekend.

But first, a little backstory. As you can probably tell from listening to our podcast, I have enjoyed all of the Marvel movies (and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show) of the last few years, but Thor and Captain America have been my favorites. Before those two were released, I was really looking forward to Captain America, but I hadn’t given Thor much thought. We didn’t even see it in the theater. But later on while looking for something to watch from Netflix, I thought about giving Thor a try, and Laura and I both really enjoyed it. Now onto the new movie.

thor dark world

Thor: The Dark World takes place after the events of Thor and The Avengers. When a mysterious foe long thought to be defeated turns up again on Thor’s home world of Asgard, Thor and his comrades must fight to save not just Asgard, but all of the Nine Realms, including Earth, where Jane Foster has been trying to put her past with Thor behind her. And the one person who can help Thor in his quest is his imprisoned brother, Loki. But can Loki actually be trusted?

That’s about all I will say about the actual plot, because I never like to give away spoilers. If you just have to know more about the movie before you go see it (which I do not recommend), you can find out all you want to know at other sites.

In short, I thought Thor: The Dark World was great! Action, adventure, humor, a bit of suspense – everything you need for a good super hero movie. Jaylin (who is 11) readily agrees with that. But Laura said she likes the first Thor movie better. She said, “I really don’t do sci-fi,” because much of this movie takes place on the fantasy-influenced world of Asgard, as opposed to the first movie which was mostly set on Earth. She also said there wasn’t quite as much romance as the first movie, and I guess there wasn’t. So overall a slightly mixed review from the Burns family.

Do you need to have seen both Thor and The Avengers before you see this movie? Not necessarily, although it would probably help to clear some things up. Thor’s brother Loki once again appears in this movie, and the other two movies help to explain the complex relationship between these two brothers and their parents. If you haven’t seen the others yet, you will still be able to figure out most of what is going on, although it will probably make you want to go back and see the others as well. Also, there are lots of references to the events of The Avengers in the movie, and one great Avengers-related scene that was a nice surprise. But once again, I won’t say any more about that.

All of the cast of the original movie is back once again: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, and more. The one exception is Josh Dallas, who played Fandral and is currently busy filming some show about Once Upon a Time or something. In Thor: The Dark World, Fandral is played by Zachary Levi. So if you find yourself thinking that Fandral sounds like Flynn Ryder from Tangled, now you will know why.

And this probably goes without saying if you have seen any of the other Marvel movies, but you really do need to stay all the way to the end, as you should with all Marvel movies. Because if you leave early, you just might miss something good, whether it relates to this story or to another Marvel movie.

So to sum it all up, I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World just as much as I have enjoyed all of the other Marvel movies. It is a worthy successor to the original Thor, and a great couple of hours of entertainment.

Episode 14 – Reviews, Restrooms, Rising Stages

Beyond the Berm returns once again with Episode 14. Yes, it is safe to come back, just in case you skipped the last episode over the fear of the number 13.

We cover lots of ground in this episode, discussing a wide range of topics. We have some movie reviews, including Oz the Great and Powerful, The Croods, and even Brother Bear 2. Yes, they did make a sequel to Brother Bear, just in case you forgot.

Easter is coming up soon, and we discuss the Easter Parades at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and then we talk about some of our own Easter traditions, too.

And then, we move on to talk about the new Tangled restrooms at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, as well as the new Fantasy Faire area at Disneyland, before switching to a discussion of the rising stages found at the Disney parks. Really.

Yes, all of that and more can be found in Episode 14!

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