Markey and Iger Correspond About Disney Technology

In Episode 10, we mentioned a letter that Representative Edward Markey of Massachusetts sent to Bob Iger about Disney’s new MyMagic+, which has also been referred to as NextGen at times. Markey was asking questions about privacy concerns and marketing to children. Apparently, all of his information was based on what he read in a few newspaper articles, including the main New York Times article that has been a source of information about the whole development. You can read a PDF of the letter here, from the Congressman’s website.

But after we recorded that episode of the podcast, things got even more interesting, when Bob Iger replied with a letter whose tone can best be described as “angry.” You know it is going to be good when the head of a major media corporation responds to a congressman in this way:

We are offended by the ludicrous and utterly ill-informed assertion in your letter dated January 24, 2013, that we would in any way haphazardly or recklessly introduce a program that manipulates children, or wantonly puts their safety at risk.

You can read the entire reply letter at Inside the Magic.

Somehow, I don’t think we have heard the end of this. But I do think we may have more material for our next episode!

Episode 10: Marathons, Magic, and More & a Contest!

Episode 10 of Beyond the Berm is now online, providing an audio feast for your ears and creating wonderful images that will dance in your mind!

Well, maybe not all of that, but we do cover lots of topics in this episode. Matt is participating in a half-marathon, Limited Time Magic continues on, Disney Infinity is coming, the next Star Wars movie has a director, and the NextGen initiative continues to make headlines. Wow, we covered a lot of ground!

And this time, we have a contest! Yes, that is right, we are giving something away to one of our lucky listeners. Our prize is an “On the Record” CD/DVD/Blu-Ray carrying case, as pictured below:


And how do you enter? Easy! Just listen to Episode 10 to hear the secret word or phrase that we mention somewhere during the podcast. Once you do that, send an email containing that secret word or phrase, your name, your mailing address, and your email address (just in case we can’t figure it out from the email that you send) to [email protected] One entry per person. All entries must be received by Noon CST on Monday, February 4. A winner will be drawn randomly from the entries we have received by that point. The winner will then be announced on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as in our next episode. Good luck!

And hopefully, you won’t just skim through the podcast listening for the secret code. Because then you would be missing out on all our good stuff and great jokes.

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