Halloween Treat

Steve and I talked in our last episode about how we used to like to watch the Lonesome Ghosts cartoon on a little movie viewer.  By accident when doing a web search for “Lonesome Ghosts,” I stumbled across this image of the toy and cartridge that I used to play with.

I mentioned in the podcast that I thought it was a ViewMaster toy but apparently it was made by Fisher-Price.  The cartridge sticks in the back of the viewer and you can hand crank the wheel to get the filmstrip to go back and forth — useful for making the door fall down from a wave of water over and over and over again.  (It seems Steve and I weren’t the only ones who liked doing this; I found a couple of other blogs where the authors mentioned doing the exact same thing.)

The image is actually from an eBay auction.  Apparently, there are a number of these devices and cartridges available from sellers.  I’m a little tempted to try to pick one of these things up for myself … um, I mean for my daughter.  Ah, nostalgia!