Episode 32: Movies, More Movies, and MyMagic+

Beyond the Berm returns once again for Episode 32!

To start things off, Matt goes back to our discussion from Episode 31 of the Disney Channel and the availability of Disney programming, bringing up the new Disney Movies Anywhere experience that just launched. And it just happened that Steve had given Disney Movies Anywhere a try, so he fills us in about some of what it is all about. And then we talk more about physical copies versus digital copies and “owning” your media. See if you agree with us.

Steve then talks about the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, based on the first trailer that was recently released, and also a Motley Fool article that suggests the movie might not do as well as some other Marvel movies. We compare this to other Marvel movies with either more well-known heroes or more well-known stars, and talk about how this new movie might compare to those.

Up next, Matt is learning all about MyMagic+ and FastPass+ first hand, as he is planning a family trip for this summer. Hear about what all he has learned so far. And feel free to share some tips if you have them.

We also briefly discuss the changes in the Central Plaza, or “hub,” at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and we make a few Oscar predictions as well.

All this and more in Episode 32 of Beyond the Berm!

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