Episode 33: Save Disney Steam, Disney News, and More

Episode 33 of Beyond the Berm has arrived!

For starters, we talk about the potential loss of the steam trains of the Walt Disney World Railroad, and the Save Disney Steam effort to keep them in place. If you are a fan of the steam trains at any of the Disney parks, please help us in our cause.

After that, we talk about some of the news coming out of the Walt Disney Company Shareholders Meeting from earlier this week. There were some sequel announcements, details about upcoming movies, some park news, and more.

Next, Steve reviews a new book titled Dispatch from Disneyland by John Frost, a series of essays and stories from Disneyland in California. Be sure to check it out!

And to round things out, Matt asks about some of the “unknown” programs at Disney parks and elsewhere, starting with Tables in Wonderland and going on from there. Listen in to see if you have heard of these. And let us know if you know of some that we might not have heard of.

Lots to cover this time around, so listen in to catch it all!

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Episode 30: Broadway Shows, Books, and Plans

Hang on to your electronic devices, because the Beyond the Berm podcast is back! And we have made it all the way to episode 30, too. Makes you wonder what we have been talking about all this time, doesn’t it?

Well for starters this time around, Matt fills us in on all the latest happenings with the Disney theatrical shows, including what is touring, what is coming soon, and what is rumored. Always neat to have a big Broadway-style Disney musical to come to your town!

Next, Steve tells us about the book that he just finished reading, Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life. Did he enjoy it? Listen to find out. And for full disclosure, the book was a Christmas present – no promotional consideration was paid for this review. As if you needed to know that.

After that, we talk about plans for the summer and beyond. Matt has some ambitious plans for a family trip to Walt Disney World and a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, followed by more RunDisney events for his whole family. And Steve may go to Florida and spend the rest of the time being a couch potato. To each his own.

Come join the fun for Beyond the Berm Episode 30!

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Episode 18: Summer Fun!

Let’s go Beyond the Berm for Episode 18! That’s just 7 episodes away from 25!

For starters, Matt tells about a new trivia competition for Disney Store Cast Members. And as you may know, both Matt and Steve come from a Disney Store trivia competition background. Is Matt being lured back to work at the Disney Store to show off his trivia expert skills? Tune in to find out!

Up next, Steve gives reviews of some summer reading books: It’s Kind of a Cute Story by Rolly Crump and Midlife Mouse by Wayne Franklin. Want something interesting to read during your summer vacation? You might be interested to check out these somewhat Disney-related books!

We then discuss the recent 24-hour party at Disneyland and Walt Disney World over Memorial Day weekend, before admitting that we are both getting too old for that kind of thing. And get off my grass!

And somehow or other, that takes us into a discussion of one of our favorite subjects: photography. Taking pictures is making memories, and it is also a big hobby for both of us. Come listen in to see what we have to say.

All that and more in Beyond the Berm Episode 18!

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Links from Episode 11

In Episode 11, we mentioned all kinds of things that you might want to know more about, so here are links to some of the things that we mentioned:

The Glass Slipper Blog – A blog about photography, including tips, tutorials, features, and lots more. And they even let me write a post.

From Dreamer to Dreamfinder – The book by Ron Schneider talking about his experiences as Dreamfinder at EPCOT Center, along with the Golden Horseshoe Revue, Universal Studios characters, and lots more. This link is for the electronic version, but there are print versions available, too.

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood – I have just started on this one, but it looks to be an interesting story about the making of the movie and the missteps that kept it from performing better. Again, this is the link to the electronic version.

Von Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War – Sorry for not being able to remember the title of this book. But I really am enjoying it, and I haven’t even made it to the formation of NASA yet.

TobyMac – If you like some Christian hip-hop/rap/rock/whatever, Toby is the guy for you. He puts on a great live show, too.

Riders in the Sky – Completely different from TobyMac, this western group puts on a great show, too. Wonderful music, along with stuff that will make you laugh out loud. I have been a fan of theirs for over 30 years.

So that’s a start. If any of those things interest you, be sure to give them a visit. And tell them that Beyond the Berm sent you. They will reply with a very genuine, “Who?”

Follow-up for Episode 2

If you have listened to Episode 2 of Beyond the Berm, here are some follow-up links to some of the things that we mentioned. And if you haven’t listened to Episode 2, we will wait here while you do. Go ahead.

All done? Okay, on with the follow-up!

For starters, we mentioned several books that we may or may not have had a part of. Here is the list with links, if you would like to check them out:

We discussed some of the old Disney movies, but in particular we talked about The Absent Minded Professor. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out.

We also discussed DuckTales, because Matt was wearing his DuckTales t-shirt (we’ll have to take his word for it, because this is an audio podcast). There are some DVD sets of that great show available.

And we also discussed two things that Matt has already posted follow-up stories about: Space Shuttle Endeavour and Tom Hanks as Uncle Walt.

Those are just some of the things we discussed – we can fit quite a bit in 37 minutes!

Watch for our next episode coming sometime soon!