Disney Cruise Line

Both Steve and I talked about our various trips aboard the Disney Cruise Line.  Two years ago, the Disney Wonder took me and my family from Vancouver, Canada up to Alaska.  It truly was a terrific trip.  Now, we are looking to book a future trip on the Disney Cruise Line to the Caribbean.

Below are just a few photos from our adventure.  As always, click each image to see it full size.  And check back from time to time … there’s a good chance that I might add some pictures to further showcase all there is to do on a Disney Cruise.

WonderVancouverThe Disney Wonder as it pulls into Vancouver from a trip to Alaska.  The itinerary will change from sailing season to sailing season but ours included a voyage into the Tracy Arm fjord, with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska.

WonderAboveThe Disney Wonder as seen from the top of the Mt. Roberts tramway in Juneau, Alaska.  Though the ship is fairly massive, it looks tiny from so far above.  The two newest ships, the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, are much larger than the Wonder and sister ship Disney Magic.

CircleofLifeI mentioned in the same episode about seeing a number of Disney productions and there are actually several Broadway-caliber performances offered during each cruise.  This is a scene from the “Circle of Life” scene of Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic.

AlaskanMinnieAnd finally — for now — there are lots of chances to visit with Disney characters throughout the cruise.  This image is of Minnie Mouse in her specially designed outfit for touring the Alaskan wilderness.  We spent a great deal of our cruise seeing the various characters — the Fab 5, Princesses, Captain Jack Sparrow — and collecting their autographs.  Chelsea filled a number of photo albums with the number of visits we were able to do.

The 8 days we spent cruising went by probably faster than any week I’ve ever experienced.  There is so much to do aboard the ship and for excursions at each port of call, the toughest part is making sure to find time to sit and relax for a bit.  If you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of a trip on the Disney Cruise Line, I highly recommend it!

– Matt