Episode 40: A Race and a Game

Beyond the Berm roars back into action with Episode 40! Which is momentous, if you are one of those who like to celebrate 10-multiple things, I guess.

To start with, Matt gives an update on his upcoming runDisney races as things are getting closer for the upcoming Disneyland runs. His whole family is participating, and he has some updated information on their plans, as well as on his upcoming run in the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Next, Steve has a game for Matt to play, “Name That Disney Quote.” These quotes come from either Disney or Pixar animated movies, and some of them are real stumpers. See if you can guess which movies these quotes are from!

After that, we have some general chit-chat about Disney trivia, Guardians of the Galaxy, a Disney movie that ended up not being a Disney movie (“Earth to Echo”), and some other stuff, too.

Come join the fun on Episode 40 of Beyond the Berm!

To hear our podcast:

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