Episode 33: Save Disney Steam, Disney News, and More

Episode 33 of Beyond the Berm has arrived!

For starters, we talk about the potential loss of the steam trains of the Walt Disney World Railroad, and the Save Disney Steam effort to keep them in place. If you are a fan of the steam trains at any of the Disney parks, please help us in our cause.

After that, we talk about some of the news coming out of the Walt Disney Company Shareholders Meeting from earlier this week. There were some sequel announcements, details about upcoming movies, some park news, and more.

Next, Steve reviews a new book titled Dispatch from Disneyland by John Frost, a series of essays and stories from Disneyland in California. Be sure to check it out!

And to round things out, Matt asks about some of the “unknown” programs at Disney parks and elsewhere, starting with Tables in Wonderland and going on from there. Listen in to see if you have heard of these. And let us know if you know of some that we might not have heard of.

Lots to cover this time around, so listen in to catch it all!

To hear our podcast:

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