More Theme Park Music

In a previous post, I listed some of the various theme park music that is available for sale on online stores such as iTunes and Amazon.  Well, two more albums chock full of Disney theme park music have arrived.

WDWOfficialAlbumWalt Disney World – Official Album: iTunes | Amazon

DLOfficialAlbumDisneyland – Official Album: iTunes | Amazon

As of this posting, the versions from Amazon are each $1 cheaper than iTunes ($18.99 vs. $19.99).  Many of the songs posted from these two “disc” collections are also available for individual purchase ($1.29 both stores).

While I have much of the music offered on the albums from previous purchases, some of the longer and newer titles that I don’t have are only available with the purchase of the full album.  Looks like I’ll probably wind up with the 49th duplicate version of Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me) in order to get The Little Mermaid Melody, for example.  But since I do enjoy theme park music in general and attraction ride throughs in particular, it looks like I’ll be adding these two new albums to my expansive collection of Disney music.

~ Matt

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