Episode 23: Disney’s Planes

Welcome back to Beyond the Berm! It has been a little while since our last podcast, hasn’t it? Well, not all that long, really. But just long enough to leave you wanting more. So here’s more!

First up in Episode 23, Matt tells about seeing Disney’s Planes, the non-Pixar follow-up to the Pixar Cars movies. Like most everyone else, we had been wondering just how this one would be. Listen in to see what Matt thought about it.

We then spend some time discussing the new Disney Infinity game. Have you played it yet? We would love to hear what you think about it.

Over the weekend, Steve watched several Disney animated movies on ABC Family, and we discuss those, looking at how some movies stand up to the test of time.

And somehow or other, that leads to a discussion of the upcoming expansion of Club 33 at Disneyland and the changes it may or may not bring to the Court of Angels, which is a popular place with some Disneyland fans.

All that and more in Beyond the Berm Episode 23!

To hear our podcast:

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