Mickey and the Magical Map

In Episode 20, we talked a bit about the new live stage show that premiered at Disneyland in the Fantasyland Theatre.  Below is the show’s description from a park press release, as well as some images from the production taken by me …

“Mickey and the Magical Map” presents Mickey in his timeless role as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Wise sorcerer Yen Sid directs his Mapmakers, a singing-dancing ensemble cast that paints a wondrous map – capable of taking dreamers to any place imaginable and so large it spans the entire stage of the outdoor Fantasyland Theatre.

Apprentice Mickey lets his curiosity get the better of him and he stumbles upon the map’s magical powers, which take him, along with the audience, on a fantastic journey of imagination in the company of the Mapmakers. The journey, presented through theatrical stage wizardry, unveils wonderful worlds of music, color, adventure and beloved characters with each new direction – all set to an original song, “Journey of the Imagination,” and music from classic Disney films.

The show comes alive with appearances and songs by King Louie from “The Jungle Book” (“I Wan’na Be Like You”), Pocahontas (“Just Around the Riverbend”), Mulan (“Reflection”), Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from “Tangled,” (“I See The Light”) , Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” (“Under the Sea”) and Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” (“Dig a Little Deeper”).

StageThe stage is three levels with video playing on a three large screens across the stage.  This allows the live performers to interact with characters on the screen — and the map itself — to present a unique performance.

IntroThe conclusion to the opening number “Journey of the Imagination,” which finds Mickey as just the apprentice and not yet a Mapmaker.

MickeyMickey and King Louie are the latest “rubber head” characters with articulated eyes and mouths that synchronize with a prerecorded vocal performance.

KingLouieKing Louie



RapunzelFlynn Rider and Rapunzel

Stage2At the conclusion of the three “princesses” singing, each takes to a different level of the stage and sing each of their individual songs concurrently.  The “map” background changes throughout the performance to reveal images that represent each character — colors of the wind for Pocahontas, lotus blossoms for Mulan and floating lanterns for Rapunzel.

SebastianSebastian does the now-Disney standard of “Under the Sea” as a puppet character with a live puppeteer performing his actions and singing his songs — a theatrical bit popularized with the Broadway version of “The Lion King.”

TianaTiana comes out on a showboat made from animator’s brushes as part of the grand finale of “Mickey and the Magical Map.”

All in all, a pretty good show and nice to see the theater used to its full potential again.  There’s really no heavy story element to the show and the individual performances are tied together very loosely but it is nice to have that ensemble-type show onstage again at Disneyland proper.

We waited a bit before the show’s opening to try to get seats but there was still room in the theater up to the time of the show’s performance so there’s seemingly no need to rush to get there too early.  Certainly a worthwhile stop if you like the catch live entertainment while visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.

~ Matt

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