Episode 3 – Disney Exhibits and EPCOT

Episode 3 of Beyond the Berm has arrived!

In this episode, Matt talks about his visit to the Reagan Presidential Library to view the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit currently on display. And he talks about some of the other Disney exhibits he has visited as well. I’m jealous.

We also talked about some upcoming movies, specifically Frankenweenie, Wreck-It Ralph, and The Lone Ranger. Hear our thoughts about those.

And then we talked a bit about Epcot’s 30th anniversary, and how cool it would have been to see Walt’s EPCOT completed.

All that and more await you in Episode 3!

To hear our podcast:

2 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Disney Exhibits and EPCOT

  1. Listening back on the podcast, I noticed one correction to note: when talking about the contract on display at the Reagan Library, I said it was between Walt Disney and Walter Mintz. I should have said that it was between Walt and Charles Mintz. My apologies for the error.


    • Hmm, that one went right by me, too. I guess you said it with enough authority that I didn’t think anything about it. Maybe Walter was his middle name. :)

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